My drawing program
My drawing program
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On April 6, I started a challenge to learn how to draw. I opened an instagram account on which I published a drawing a day for 21 days. I took a beginner’s course on Udemy which helped me get started. I always wanted to know how to draw. My bad drawing abilities have always been a big limitation for my personal projects. However, I never dared to learn it. I felt like it was not possible for me. I was wrong. I really enjoyed doing this challenge.

I loved taking the lessons and doing my first drawings. It was about copying models, step by step. Admittedly, I’m still far from being able to be creative and create my own characters for example. But I gained confidence in myself. I feel now that I can reach a good level if I practice a lot. The pleasure I take in drawing should facilitate this goal. In order to progress quickly, I planned a program based on the book of Yoann Bomal. His book explains how he did to progress in a year to integrate the Goblins school. My program consists of drawing an hour every day in a sketchbook by regularly practicing the following techniques: warm-up, anatomy, observation drawing, gesture, composition, colors. At first, I will stick to this program up to 528 hours of drawing. It should take me about a year.

Apart from the drawing program, I really miss creating games. It’s been several months now that I no longer created any games at all. I can’t help but imagine game mechanics and stories as soon as I have a free moment. Even though I like my current job a lot, I started to think that I would love to spend more time on my game projects. So I imagined myself again creating games and living off this activity. But I learned something during 2019: it is extremely difficult to complete a full video game project. Furthermore, finishing a game, even a very good one, is not enough to make a living from it. In addition, I count a lot on my drawing progress to be able to produce quality games in the future. The goal that I set for the upcoming year is, therefore, to focus on drawing and in particular to finish my program. I may also work on some video game projects, but not a complete game project. I’m just going to practice what I’m learning to draw. It will also be a good opportunity to read books on Game Design and Character Design.

Once the drawing program is finished, I will certainly start a more serious video game project. I’m already starting to think about a strategy to choose among my many game ideas the one that will be the best way to stay motivated and finish a big project.