Creating games has always been a consuming passion to me. The first website I created in 1999 was called “The Mountain of Games” and I posted there scans of board games I created when I was a child. Here is the list of my games that are worth sharing.

The mysterious stones

June 17 2019

Available languages: English, Français

Link: https://dr-picnic.itch.io/the-mysterious-stones

This game is an updated version of “Le mystère des pierres” (which is available only in french), a game developed for the 60 hours “Pot-au-Jeu” game jam (organized by the french youtuber At0mium).

Paperboy Droid

July 22 2018

Available languages: English, Français

Link: https://dr-picnic.itch.io/paperboy-droid-english

I created Paperboy Droid in a weekend for At0mium’s POT-AU-JEU Game Jam on the theme: Make something new with something old! Paperboy Droid is a remake of Paperboy by Tiger Electronics. This is the first game my dad gave me when I was little. I completely changed the mechanics of the game: you have to program a droid that will play for you by performing the actions of your program. I created the game alone during the game jam weekend, without using prefabricated elements.

Great Bee

May 12 2018

Available languages: English, Français

Link: https://dr-picnic.itch.io/great-bee

In Great Bee, you play a bee that have to forage all the flowers in every level. The frog and the sun are your enemies. Colliding with them kills you. The sun is moving slowly, but the frog is accelerating over time. The sun can also be helpful because when it touches a flower, it will turn it into a strawberry. When you eat a strawberry, you become a super bee for a few seconds and you can slap the frog to reset its speed.