Role Playing Games

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June 29 2021

I have always been passionate about imaginary worlds and great adventures. Until I was 16 years old, I spent a good part of my free time creating fantasy worlds, heroes, creatures, and imagining stories. Everything seemed destined for role-playing games, yet I only played a few games in middle and high school. I just didn’t have the people around me to play them.

Then, after watching Actual Plays, the urge to play became irresistible. So I bought some books and took on the role of game master. I started with a play session in the Star Wars universe with my family in February. Then back home, with the Covid, it was impossible to play live. So I found 5 players on Discord and launched a small campaign of 6 evenings of Dungeons and Dragons, on the internet.

My passion for fantasy worlds was awakened, and I couldn’t help but doodle sketches of imaginary worlds, peoples, creatures, as when I was a child. A child of almost 35 years old, who shares his passion with his daughter. I play with her Tails of Equestria, the RPG from one of her favorite cartoons.