Learning to Draw

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May 29 2020

In the context of Covid-19, I stayed with my parents for a few weeks, sick. I was still able to do activities for a few hours a day. So I finally decided to learn how to draw. My drawing skills have been a limitation for many of my projects, whether they are video games, board games or educational tools.

On April 6, I started a challenge to get started. I opened an account instagram on which I posted one drawing a day for 21 days. I took a beginner’s course on Udemy that helped me get started. I always wanted to know how to draw, but I never dared to start. I had the impression that it was not for me, that it was inaccessible to me. I was wrong.

I finally took a lot of pleasure to accomplish this challenge. I loved taking the classes and doing my first drawings. Of course, it was a matter of copying models step by step, and I am still far from being able to be creative and create my own characters. However, I have gained confidence in myself. I feel now that I could reach a decent level in drawing if I work at it.

Apart from drawing, I really miss making games. It’s been several months now I haven’t made any games at all. I can’t help but imagine game mechanics and stories whenever I have some free time. Even though I really enjoy my current job, I would like to spend more time on my game projects again. So I imagined myself creating games and making a living doing it. But, if I have learned anything during 2019, it is that it is extremely difficult to complete a full video game project. Also, finishing a game, even a very good one, is not enough to make a living from it. Moreover, I rely a lot on my progress in drawing to be able to produce games in the future. So my goal for the next year is to concentrate on drawing. I will also start to make video games again, but I won’t start a complete game project. I’m just going to practice what I’m learning to draw. It will also be a good opportunity to read books on game design and Character Design.

Once I have acquired new skills, I will definitely start working on a more serious video game project. I’m starting to think about a strategy to choose among my many game ideas the one that will be the most adapted to stay motivated and finish a big project.